Monthly Archive: September 2014

Building Lego Orthanc – Part 13 – the End!

  It took me a few months but here we are, the last post devoted to building the Orthanc Tower in Lego, the biggest set I have ever built (and it will keep that record for quite a while I believe, at least until I...

Seeing Double: the Dan Aykroyd Edition

  Back in June, I wrote a small post about actors having not one but several Lego minifigures made after characters they played. Dan Aykroyd has joined the club with Elwood Blues and Raymond Stantz:     Yes, I know, the Saxophone Player is from the Minifigures Series...

Looking for Droids

  I’m starting a series of stormtroopers looking for droids (a silly idea I’ve had since I started collecting minifigures, really). We’ll see what will come out of it :   “Mmm… Nah, definitely not the droids we’re looking for…”