So it begins…


Big Lego Set - 1


I bought my biggest Lego set a couple of weeks ago. Definitely the largest set I have ever bought, and it will most likely keep this record for the time to come.


Big Lego Set - 2


The markings on the bags seem to indicate that there are 15 of them, but if you look more closely, you’ll see that for some reason there are two bags number three and two bags number five. So the set has actually 17 bags. Big indeed (I forgot the actual count of pieces, but it’s above 2,000).

I will build it little by little over the next week weeks (I want to make the process last as long as possible – also, I need to find the time to rearrange one of my shelves to place the finished set), I’ll document it here for those that are interested.

Can you guess what it is? (not too difficult, if you keep up with Lego news)



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