Bounty Hunters


Just like every fan of both Star Wars and Lego, I bought the Bounty Hunter Battle Pack a few days ago.

Now I can recreate this famous picture (even if the background isn’t exactly the inside of an Imperial Star Destroyer):



However, I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about the set. First, as you already know, what matters in the set are the minifigures, the build is an afterthought (except in rare occasions, I usually build it, and then tear it down, destination my spare part storage boxes).

So, I should instead say that I have mixed feelings about the minifigures on this set.

First, where is Zuckuss? I know he was out of the frame for that shot in Empire Strikes Back, but is that really a reason to snub him this way? Especially because, usually Battle Packs always have four minifigures, and I really have a hard time calling IG-88 a minifigure. So we really could have had the five bounty hunters (I’m not including Boba Fett here, as you probably know, he’s from another set).

So yeah, I really don’t like the way IG-88 was turned into a minifigure. I know that this elongated droid wouldn’t work as a regular minifigure, but I’m really not a fan of the result, the same way I don’t care much for the battle droids, (the K-2SO minifigure from Rogue One is a little better, but barely). This way of making droids in Lego form doesn’t really appeal to me. I wish Lego designers come up with something better sooner or later

Next we have Dengar who I also find a bit disappointing. My main issue is the head; the regular head bandage really looks silly on him. Maybe the prints on the torso could be a bit better too, not sure.

However, there’s also some positive on this set, in the forms of Bossk and 4-LOM. Both really are awesome, very detailed and great minifigures overall. I just wish all of them were that quality, but maybe that’s asking too much for such a small and cheap set? Not sure.



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