Building Bag End


The Hobbit‘s “An Unexpected Gathering” is one of the first sets that I have built since I started getting interested in Lego again.

I have to admit that it has been so far the most fun set to build so far. I don’t if it’s because it was one of the very first, or if it’s because it was Bag End that I was building, or maybe because that set was actually the most interesting to build among the ones I’ve bought. In any case, I remember having a great time building it, and I tried to make it last as long as possible. Part of the process was to take pictures of the set as it evolved from a bunch of bricks to the finished piece. I also included a few minifigures to practice shooting them and creating a narrative with them. I thought about including captions, but they’re not really needed.




Since then, I got all of the dwarves minifigures, so I’m thinking of doing a recreation of the whole “unexpected party” although I’m not sure all of the characters will fit in the Hobbit hole. We’ll see.

Apart from that, I may have found a somewhat satisfying and easy way to add speech bubbles to my pictures, so the comic strips should start soon (I also need to write interesting scripts).

Thanks for your interest and stay tuned.


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