Building Lego Ninjago City – Part Eight




Today, we’re building the comic book shop that’s near the crab restaurant.

Introducing Ninjago City’s own Comic Book Guy:



He seems much friendlier and sociable than his more famous counterpart from another city. You gotta love the super vintage and collector shirt. I myself only have a vague idea of what Galidor was beyond Lego’s biggest failure as it happened during the years when I had left Lego behind and not fell in love with it again.



As usual, the little details are what make this set so amazing.




As she was playing right next to me when I built this, my daughter insisted that I post this picture here:



The comic book shop is not complete yet, the upper level will come later, but we’re moving on to another part of the elevator. Not always the most interesting part of the build, but a necessary one if we want the city’s denizens to be able to move around freely in it.






to be continued…


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3 Responses

  1. Lamis says:

    Hi.. sorry but do u know how many pieces are there in bag 11?? Cause ithe bag came to me opened & I’m afraid to start building only to find missing pieces.

    • David B. says:

      Sorry but I have no idea.
      And I’m very late with posting the building of the rest of the city (was very busy in the Fall, and this blog has been a bit dormant since, I need to change this a little bit).
      I have your e-mail address, so let me e-mail you the pictures from bags 11 (after opening them) to see if this helps.

  2. Lamis says:

    Oh & i was was asking about the small no. 11 bag

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