Building Lego Ninjago City – Part Seven


Finally, all of my hosting issues seem to finally be resolved (I may or may not tell you about it on my other blog). So it’s time for an update on this blog (and many more after that one).

Today it’s part seven of the building of Lego Ninjago City. The lower levels are completed and we’re starting “Level 2 : The Street”. It’s really the third floor of the city, each level having two “floors”. And with this seventh pack, we’re starting the crab restaurant.

To help my alter ego building this restaurant, is there a better person than the restaurant’s owner himself? The booklet tells me that his name is Severin Black and that he’s famous in town for both his cooking but also his rivalry with his brother, the sushi chef. There is even some extra information mentioning that he often goes to the docks to negotiate with the fishermen in order to get the best crabs for him and last week’s fish for his brother.




Next, the building of the crab oven, one of the coolest parts of the Ninjago City so far:



What’s so special about it? Well, it’s “functional”!!!



Next, a strange device on the side of the restaurant. Not sure what it is, I guess we’ll find out soon enough :



The restaurant isn’t complete yet, but it starts looking like something :



(to be continued…)

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