Building Lego Ninjago City – Part Six


Today, we’re building the sixth bag of Lego Ninjago City, that is the second and last level of Old Town.



Starting with a small apartment (a bachelor’s pad?) in more or less Japanese style :


To assist my alter ego today, Ms Ivy Walker. The booklet describes her as a busy mom whose most important possession is this big diamond you can see in her hand.

As usual with most Lego sets, but particularly with this one, I love all the small details, the Shoji (traditional Japanese slide door) of course, but also the solar panels on the roof. I guess they actually power the room underneath. It is the robot’s room from part four.




Next building is a tea room, in a more Chinese (I guess and despite the shoji) style this time:



I was wondering what the green hair was for. It was to create some sort of fern I assume.



And now, the Old World of Ninjago City is pretty much complete :







To be continued…



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