Building Ninjago City (Part Five)


This fifth bag of our Ninjago City doesn’t seem to include any major structure, but rather a bunch of small things to make the already existant structures more detailed. Details are the thing that sold me this set in the first place, so I’m glad we’re getting into some here.


And to help me build today’s parts, this little girl. The handbook tells me that her name is Sally and that she’s good at swapping stuff she needs and that she knows a good bargain, especially when it’s a frog.

On a side note, it’s the first time I see this rather large piece (large enough to not fit in the bag and to come from its own bag of large pieces for this set.


I love how the crowbars are used to actually form the roof of the fish shop. And now, the reason why the lower bar was kind of soft in the previous bag makes total sense, it allows the roof to have a nice curve that makes it look all the more traditional.


Still not sure what this structure is for. Most likely a support for the upper floor. At first I found it a bit… unsightly… but I guess it makes sense. The upper levels of the city must not care much for the lower levels, and they have no qualms building those structures that are purely functional but not very pleasing to the eye. As they never go to the lower levels, they never have to see them.



Another structure with a similar functionality I guess. This one is a bit less unpleasant to the eye, and it kinda has to, it’s up front and center. I wonder what those loudspeakers are for.



The bridge seems complete.



Oh, so this spot was for some sort of elevator!!!



Looking better and better…





To be continued…



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