Building Ninjago City (Part Four)


Today, the first buildings rise from the ground!



I had never seen that piece before. Spoiler: it’s the foot of the cleaning robot.


So, the grid we’ve installed earlier is actually the floor of this very special room that appears to be housing a robot. And it’s a cleaning robot. First, I wondered what were those grey pipes, but as you’ll see later, they are part of the robot’s resting/storage dock. So, I guess they’re some kind of charger.


Interesting to see that the bottom of the poster is under the floor level. One could consider this bad design, but it’s actually great design. Those bottom level buildings are pretty old. Having the bottom of the facade being below street level in a sense gives the impression that the street has been paved several times since the building was originally built, so the floor level has raised little by little. There is a church like that in my hometown. It’s pretty old, 1,000 years old, and the church’s floor is more than a meter under below street level, you need to walk down some stairs to enter. The thing is that the church was at street level when it was built, but 1,000 of construction around it has raised the level of the city little by little.

Another interpretation, as the Ninjago City is coastal and canals flow around the buildings, is that the old buildings are slowly sinking as more and more newer buildings are built on top of them. In the booklet that talks about the set, it’s even hinted that under that street level, there are even older buildings that have sunk underground and underwater now.


The cleaning robot.


I’m leaving it in its room as I continue the construction, but I’m wondering; will I be able to take it out later when all the walls and ceiling and upper floor buildings will be completed? I’m not too sure.


The old fish shop, outside and inside.


There are still some payphones around… After all, this is the old town.







Now, it’s time to start building the bridge:




Yes, it’s starting to look like something…



To be continued



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