Building Ninjago City (Part Three)


Now, we’re really starting to build the city with the base and foundations of the old town (remember, the Ninjago City is kinda stratified, newer buildings seem to always be built on top of older ones):


Something unusual, I built part 3 of the set during daytime. When I want to take pictures of a set being built, I usually prefer doing it at night, when the kids are sleeping and when the light won’t be varying, but the other day, my son was taking his nap, and my daughter was in the mood to play with her own Lego (that is not bothering me with my build every other minute), so I decided to try (also, because it gets pretty cold at night these days, and building a set while freezing is just not that fun).

There’s a newcomer to come help me build this part. The book tells me that he doesn’t have a name, he’s just referred to as “Jamanakai Villager.” Jamanakai being a village nearby in the Ninjago world (that you Google). His description says that he wanders around the lower city swapping frogs (notice the frog in his backpack), and he may not be completely sane, but people don’t mind him because they like his frogs.


I wonder what that grid is going to be for.


Now we know where this green water (?) comes from… From that sewer! No very reassuring.



Remember, I was intrigued by that blue thing earlier. It turns out that it’s purpose was just to be used as support for this part of the sidewalk. Odd. And why does it need to be attached to the circular base on the right with a small Technic “rod”? Not sure. Maybe it makes this part of the structure sturdier, but I’m not too sure.


Another odd thing: those two light orange tiles (above the sewer pipe) are covered under the sidewalk too, never to be seen again. A regular light gray 2×2 plate could have been used with no difference. I heard somewhere that Lego sometimes does that (random color bricks that are meant to be invisible from the outside) when they are leftover plastic of a given color. They use it this way. Maybe that’s why. In any case, I kinda like it, it makes the build more “mysterious”. 😉



Interesting pipes. Are they part of Ninjago City water system? Not sure. I wonder if they’re going to be covered too. That’d be odd…


And here are the first two stickers of many (56 total)…



Oh, a surprise visitor!
That is Olivia from Lego Friends who was being played with nearby and decided to pay a visit.

Also, there is some sort of control next to the mysterious pipes,
so maybe they won’t end up being covered after all…





That’s all for now. Part Four seems to have the first rooms and building popping up. Stay tuned…



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