Captain America: Civil War… and a special guest…


A short while ago, I mentioned how I didn’t care for the Batman Vs Superman movie, and was not planning to watch it, and should re-enact it with Lego instead. 😉

But there’s another major super hero battle that’s coming our way, and that I’m very excited about, and it’s Captain America: Civil War!


Lego Civil War - Captain America - Iron Man


I seriously lack minifigures on Iron Man‘s team apparently.

And you know what is awesome? You may or may not know that Japan is infamous for releasing big Hollywood movies weeks if not months after the rest of the world. However, for some unknown but much welcome reason, Captain America: Civil War will be released this Friday! Yes, this means that it’ll be released in Japan before the US!!! Go figure… In any case, I’m not complaining.

However, there’s another movie I’ve been waiting for quite a while and that won’t be released before June in Japan, and that is Deadpool!


Lego - Deadpool - 1


Somebody shoot me!


Lego - Deadpool - 2 - bubbles


Lego - Deadpool - 3 - bubbles


To be continued?…



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