Category: Minifigures

John the Lego Janitor

    While he wasn’t always happy with cleaning other people’s mess, John the Lego Janitor still took a certain pride in his job.    

Who is this droid?

    Who is this droid? I have no idea… I probably do not recognize him because of the red arm…   (funny how I made a similar joke a few months ago)    

Santa’s New Sleigh

  It’s almost midnight here in Japan, and Santa has been already spotted. He has a pretty unusual sleigh this year….     Merry Christmas to all of you…      

Lego goes Meta

  I love how Lego goes meta with bricks made of bricks in the Ant-Man set:     I also included the minifigures because they’re just awesome, some of the best I’ve seen this year. Actually, the whole set (also including a giant flying ant...

Bigfoot and Yeti finally meet

    Thank you Lego for allowing the two distant cousins that Bigfoot and Yeti are to finally meet. And as a sign of goodwill, Yeti is even sharing his ice cream.