Chewie, we’re home


Chewie, we're home

Chewie, we’re home


What Han Solo means by that, is that they’re in my home… 🙂

I really can’t include the new Millenium Falcon in my budget right now (I’ll have to wait for the Episode VIII version), but I’m not sure there will be another old Han figure anytime soon (OK, I’m sure there will, but not in the near future, as nowadays Lego likes to have figures that are exclusive to certain sets). I don’t regret a single second the 20€ or so I paid on Bricklink to get two of my favorite characters ever… Who am I fooling? My favorite character ever and my favorite sidekick ever… I’m actually surprised I didn’t already have a Chewbacca minifigure. I guess I wasn’t too crazy about the previous versions. This one is not perfect yet (Lego has to find a way to make taller minifigures differently from the oversized head/chest piece they’re doing these days), but it’s getting there. Old Han, on the other hand, is near perfect.

(Now, I’ll be pissed at myself if in June, they release a cheap set including Han, but I don’t think they will).

Next step, getting BB-8, but he’s just too expensive right now to buy individually. Will I get Poe Dameron’s X-Wing (I need Poe too after all)? Or will I wait for a cheaper set including BB-8? Mmm… We’ll see…



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