Creatures, everywhere…


Mike Rabbit, Pete Pig and Charles Chicken stumble upon an interesting art exhibit.


Mike Rabbit - Pete Pig - Charles Chicken - Yuki Tani exhibit

They’re in awe in front of my daughter’s very first work of art!
(and the first time one of her drawings represents something – it’s supposed to be a crab, but you knew that already, didn’t you?)


Then, they decide to find their counterparts among all of the children’s drawings.



Mike Rabbit has no problem finding rabbits, they’re everywhere
(little Japanese girls love rabbits for some reason).


Mike Rabbit - Yuki Tani exhibit - 3


Pete Pig has also found a pig… maybe….


Charles Chicken - Yuki Tani exhibit

No such luck for Charles Chicken.
Apparently, chickens are not popular around there. There were a few birds though.



If you’re interested, the exhibit consists is hundreds of drawing made by children of all ages in collaboration with the artist – Yuki Tani. The installation can be seen in the Takeshi Kawashima & Dream Friends Gallery on the island of Ogijima, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan.




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