Having fun with Lego Dinosaurs


I’ve loved dinosaurs for as long as I can remember (and honestly, who doesn’t?) but I never had Lego Dinosaurs until a couple of weeks ago. This changed with the current Jurassic World sets. And surprisingly, the sets I find the most interesting are the Lego Juniors sets, go figure.

So I had to buy the one with the T-Rex. Seriously, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a baby dinosaur (it’s supposed to be a baby velociraptor, but it’s the same color as the T-Rex), and the iconic gates (sure it says Jurassic World and not Jurassic Park, but still) for about €/$ 50, that’s a steal, who cares is the build is simple?

And I’m having a lot of fun with it.


Hungry T-Rex!



Do not feed the baby dinosaurs, no matter what!




Dinosaurs have feelings too…



And I have more on the way. I ordered the other Juniors set with the raptor as well as the Jurassic Park set, also with a raptor. Oh and I just received a Bricklink order of a third raptor and another baby. Yes, I’m building a velociraptor team, just for kicks…

Well, I assume that one will end up among my son’s toys, he’s not three yet and he already loves dinosaurs too, and he’s slowly starting to play with his sister’s Lego – he still likes Duplo better though. And yes, I was tempted to buy the Duplo Dinosaurs too (have you ever seen cuter dinosaurs?), but in a few weeks/months, I suspect that he will have grown out of Duplo.



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