Lego at Uniqlo


I went to Uniqlo a few days ago (full disclosure: to buy a shirt) and looking at the newest T-shirts, I found out that they have some Lego T-shirts for the next few months. If you’re not familiar with Uniqlo, it’s a Japanese chain of cheap but awesome clothes (that’s starting to be available all over the world), and they have designed an evil plan for T-shirt lovers like me. Every three months or so, they totally change their available T-shirts and a lot of them have to do with popular culture and such. Why evil? Ask my wallet…

And so, two days ago, I found some Lego T-shirts!!!

However, I got to admit that the ones in adult sizes are not that great. But the ones for kids are pretty awesome…

I bought one for my daughter, and suddenly I realized that there’s a special offer than goes with it. If you buy at least one Lego T-shirt, then you get a free Lego blind bag for every 3,000 yens (roughly $30) that you spend!

There are four builds available: a robot, a koala, a parrot and a space shuttle.


Lego Uniqlo


A bit more than 6,000 yens later, we got home with some new clothes and two bags. Oh and they’re not that “blind.” In the back, you can see the pieces. The lady at the cash register asked us which one we wanted and we got home with this super cute robot (I really wanted that piece on its tummy, is it available in other sets? Could it be an exclusive?) and a super cute koala (my daughter’s choice; she turned four two weeks ago, and had her first “real” Lego – as opposed to Duplo – for her birthday and she loves them so much).


Lego Uniqlo - Robot Koala


Are they available in your country? Or have you seen them as promotional bags attached to another brand?



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