Lego City Advent Calendar 2017


So, my daughter (and I) just completed the Lego City Advent Calendar 2017.

I never was too interested in the Advent Calendars before, I find them a bit overpriced and the whole “advent calendar” thing wasn’t part of my Christmas traditions growing up (which is strange when thinking about it, it’s a pretty common northern European and Germanic tradition, and so was my Christmas growing up – my maternal grandma being Germanic and having passed down “her” way of doing Christmas to my mom).

Anyways, I decided to give it a shot this year for my daughter. It’s not because I never really had an advent calendar in my youth that she shouldn’t. And as the only advent calendars available in Japan (to my knowledge) are the Lego ones, it’d really be silly to pass up the opportunity.

Of course, she’s mostly into Lego Friends, but looking at what this year’s Lego Friends Calendar contained beforehand, I was horrified. I’m not sure what they are usually like, but this year: only one minifigure, and very terrible builds! Only the many pets made it vaguely interesting, but definitely not worth the price. So, Lego City Advent  Calendar it was.

And we didn’t regret it a single bit. She loved pretty much everything that it contained and it was some great fun every day opening the little doors and see what was behind.

In case you’re wondering, here is what it held.

I divided into small more or less thematic sets.

First, the “toys“. A bunch of mini-builds that can be (rather large) toys for minifigures, or micro-scale builds, you decide.



Except for one (the mini race car that is terrible in my opinion), I really liked them. I find them fun to build and quite inventive.

I’m not sure what my daughter will do with them in the long term, but personally, despite enjoying building them, I would tear them apart and have the bricks join my reserve.


Next, is the outdoors / skiing theme:



I’m not blown away by them, but still, they’re pretty interesting and my daughter likes them, so… I found the snow blower (I think it’s a snow blower, seeing the amount of snow I usually get – slim to none – I’m not exactly a specialist) quite inventive, though.


Next is the indoors / Christmas time theme :



I really liked all of it. I found all the builds very cute and inventive. The grandma is very cute too, and my kids have decided that it’d be their Lego version of their own grandma. I’m not sure my mom would approve of the haircut and the sweater though…


Finally, they kinda belong to the outdoors / snow theme, but my favorites have to be those:



The ice sculptor and his ice sculpture are just awesome and so is the new Santa (I gotta see how it differs from the previous one), the snowmobile and its carriage.


So, overall, it was a very fun and great experience. And despite the fact that I still find them overpriced, I’m pretty sure that we’ll renew the experience next year (I may even buy a Star Wars calendar for myself, and who knows, maybe the Friends calendar won’t be terrible next year).

Finally, I guess it’s the perfect time to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and all that.


Let’s end this post with a family picture, although, I have a dilemma. It’s great that Lego finally made some baby minifigures, but now, I’d love them to make some toddler minifigures. My son is close to two and a half years old now, so too old to be represented by a baby, but too young to be a child-minifigure yet. Oh well.



Merry Christmas to all of you and let’s hope Santa brings you lots of Lego. I know he will in my house.



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