Lego Kyoto Station


Last month, I was in Kyoto for the few days. Getting off the train and looking for the place where we could have our baggage delivered to our hotel (yes, you can do that in Japan, and that’s pretty amazing; you arrive in town, drop your baggage there, go on about your days without having to go to your hotel carrying heavy suitcases first, and in the evening, when you’re finally checking in there, your baggage is waiting for you at destination), I stumbled upon this:



Lego Kyoto Station


Yes, it is a 1/100th scale Kyoto Station entirely made of Lego!

First, if you’re not entirely familiar with Kyoto Station, may I advise you to google it to see what it looks like and to check its wikipedia page for facts. It is a quite amazing building in itself, it was also quite amazing to find such a Lego replica there.


Lego Kyoto Station - 4


It is 4.8 meters long, 1 meter high and 0.7 meter wide and it is made of 301,584 blocks!

It is located at level -1, kinda at the opposite of the shopping mall’s entrance.


Lego Kyoto Station - 3


Apparently, it’s been there since november 2012 and will stay permanently. It was build by Lego Japan as the 50th anniversary of the presence of the company in Japan coincided with the 15th anniversary of the station.


Lego Kyoto Station - 2


If you’re ever in Kyoto, on top of all the great attractions the city has to offer, I advise you to not miss this great Lego Kyoto Station.



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