Lego Minecraft Knock-Offs

In Japan, one can find some Lego knock-offs from time to time. In 100 Yen Shops, but also and mostly in Gashapon.

I showed you one before, and while I still stumble upon some from time to time, they’re usually not that interesting. For that first batch, even if the quality wasn’t that great, it was somewhat interesting because it featured minifigures that Lego would never produce: army general, torero, riot police. The ones I’ve found more recently only feature usual city style characters, nothing interesting as their real Lego counterparts are of a much better quality in every way.

However, last week, I found a new kind of Lego Knock-Offs that picked my interest to the point that I bought two of them:


Lego Minecraft Knock-offs


Some Lego Minecraft Knock-Offs!


There were about 10 different kinds, and were marketed as robots or rather Ro-Bo if I remember correctly. Not being a Minecraft specialist (I know it’s a video game where you build entire worlds, but that’s pretty much it), I wasn’t sure how accurate they were. I found out later that Lego Minecraft (and original Minecraft characters) have a smaller and square head.

That’s when I realized who those large rectangular heads reminded me of.

Danbo of course!




For those of you not familiar with the character, Danbo originated from a manga and nowadays, Danbo figures are pretty much the Japanese equivalent to the Lego Stormtrooper in the West.




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