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For every new series of Lego Minifigures, I usually get four or five of them on average, the ones I really like.

There are a few “feel through” guides on the internet that help you find the one you want without relying too much on chance. I still do it on a certain extent, and my success rate of finding the right minifigure is not perfect (if any of you is interested by the “Where are my pants” guy from the Lego movie, I have two that I don’t care for – although I may find a use for the Hawaiian shirt one of those days, who knows).

But when the Simpsons minifigures series was released, I knew that two things needed to happen:

  1. I wanted all of them, not just four or five, as “the ones I really like” are all of them.
  2. I had to have the highest success rate as possible, as I didn’t want to spend more money than needed to get the whole series.

I perused through a few websites, looked at the minifigures closely and in the end, I succeeded!

I bought 16 minifigures, not one more, and I got the 16 different Lego Simpsons minifigures, not a single duplicate.


Lego Simpsons - 1


So, as the series is still for sale and you may not have gotten the minifigure you wanted yet, or possibly, you don’t usually buy Lego minifigures, you are tempted by the Simpsons series, but are afraid to end up with characters you don’t care for or duplicate, here is my guide to find the right Lego Simpsons minifigure.

First know that it took me quite a while to find all of them and if you intend to get all of them or quite a number of them, may I advise you to do it in several sessions.
Because it somewhat gets tiring to feel through dozens of bags, trying to find which one contains what. Also, this way, once you got a few, you can get back home, open them, make sure you got the right ones, and you’ll have less to find the next time you go. Also, the first time you’ll try, that way, you can afford to pick one or two randomly. Maybe not completely randomly, but if you’re not sure who is in a given bag, while you’re sure it’s not one you’ve already got, you can go for it, and check later who you got.

Before we go into details, first I assumed that because of their very unique heads, the Simpsons would be very easy to distinguish through the bag, but while it’s sometimes true, more often than not, it’s the small items that help you find the right minifigure.

Let’s get started with:


Homer Simpson

Look for the remote control (2×1 tile). Homer is the only one in the series that has one. You can also look for the donut to be sure, although it sometimes can be hard to locate in the bag.


Marge Simpson

Probably the easiest minifigure to find as her head is huge and you can’t mistake it for anyone’s else.


Bart Simpson

Look for the skateboard. However, it sometimes can be confused with the flat black plate that comes with every single minifigure, so look for the wheels, they will feel like small dumbbells.


Lisa Simpson

The spiky head and the saxophone are what you need to find.


Maggie Simpson

She can be a little hard to distinguish from Lisa. You may want to look for the teddy bear. Another option is, once you’ve found a spiky head look for legs. If you find kids legs (they’re not articulated), you’ve found Lisa, if you can’t find the legs, it’s probably Maggie.


Grampa Simpson

The newspaper (2×2 tile) is what you need to find. Four minifigures have one, however Marge is extremely easy to distinguish from Grampa because of her head. Milhouse and Ralph have kids legs, Grampa has normal adult legs (they are articulated)


Krusty the Clown

Look for the pie. It’s the only piece in the whole series that has this round shape. The shape of the head (the hair) can help, but don’t rely exclusively on it, you could mistake some hair with Mr. Burns’ nose or Scratchy’s ear.


Mr. Burns

As I just mentioned, his pointy nose if not enough to find him, you could confuse it with something else. What you need to find is the fishbowl, which is actually a regular minifigure head, the only one of the series. The radioactive rod can help to make sure you’ve got the right minifigure.


Ned Flanders

Find the toolbox. It’s the only rectangular piece of the series, and it’s quite easy to feel.


Itchy (the mouse)

Three hints: the mace/club, the short legs and the round ears should allow you to find it without much problem.


Scratchy (the cat)

The parts you need to find there are the tail (don’t confuse it with Lisa’s saxophone), the head (don’t confuse it with Mr. Burns or Krusty) and the ax.


Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

He’s not too easy to find. His head could be confused with Homer’s or Grampa’s, so what you need to find is the “Squeeshie” drink, a small simple cylinder, thinner than a regular minifigure head, but thicker than a stick.


Chief Wiggum

The loudspeaker could help, but really I found it quite easily with the shape of his cop hat. I don’t think it can be confused with any other item.


Nelson Muntz

You need to find his baseball bat. Coupled with kids legs, you shouldn’t mistake him with Chief Wiggum’s police stick, Mr. Burns’ radioactive rod or Scratchy’s ax.


And I kept the two hardest ones to distinguish from each other for the end:

Milhouse Van Houten and Ralph Wiggum

They both only have one item: a magazine (2×2 plate), they’re both kids, they’re both quite hard to distinguish from each other.

However, to be honest, I found Ralph quite easily thanks to his round smooth head that almost feels like little ball.

Milhouse on the other hand was the one who gave me the hardest time to the point I thought about giving up at some point. Part of the issue probably was that there weren’t many of him in the box I was rummaging in, but how many times did I almost confused him for someone else (Apu, Grampa, Ralph, etc.) So for Milhouse, remember: 2×2 plate, kids legs and head that somewhat feels like Apu’s, Nelson’s or Homer’s, in any case, not like Ralph.


I hope all of those tips helped you find the right Simpson minifigure. Please tell me what you think (easier tricks, difficulties, etc) in the comments.


Lego Simpsons - 2



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