Lego, what are you thinking?


Lego, you know how I love you, but…

I strongly disagree with some of the choices you make.

The Friends series is often mentioned as… problematic… for many reasons that I’m sure you’ve been made aware of by many people. I totally agree with these people and you can be sure that I will never buy a Friends set for my daughter. My daughter, just like every other girl in the world, deserves real Lego, not sets which will allow her to have bricks of roughly only two colors and that try to contain her imagination to only shopping, cooking and similar activities that seem to be preparing her for being the perfect housewife later in life and nothing else.

However, I’ve been made aware, very recently, thanks to her grandma, that you have made much much worse.

Duplo sets for Girls!!!!

That’s why I’m asking: “What are you thinking?”

I mean, girls who may want Friends sets may have already been “corrupted” by their environment into liking and wanting such things, but little girls playing with Duplo?!? Come on!

They are at the age when they don’t have tastes and preferences, they are at the age when their tastes and preferences are being forged and created.

So why exactly do you think a two or three year old needs a Disney princess or bricks that are only pink or purple (I think that’s the thing that appalled me the most in the set she got, more than the princess, the fact that there are just two colors in the set!!!)

So, I’m asking seriously:


Duplo Female Figures


Which of these two figures is a better “role model” and is better suited for a little girl?


Answer: not the one that comes from a set designed for girls.

And actually, let’s talk about little boys too. Which do you think give a better image of girls and women to little boys?

So yeah, those Duplo Sets for Girls are just wrong on every possible account…

Lego, please stop that non-sense.

Remember that old ad that has been republished countless times recently?


Lego Ad Little Girl



It probably was one of your best ads ever.

My advice would be to have it made into a large poster that would be in every room of your marketing department.

What do you think?


 Now, don’t get me wrong, despite those abominations, you have made progress in other domains, namely collectible minifigures, I’ll talk about this soon.





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