Logan and Son



I have to admit, I wasn’t automatically sold on the Mighty Micros series. My first instinct was just to dismiss it as useless, the builds are not exactly interesting, and you can’t really do anything with the minifigures either, they look too silly to be used as “real” minifigures, even with normal legs.

Still, I bought one, to “try.” It’s the one with Spider-man and the Green Goblin. The goal was to use the Green Goblin torso and head to make a regular one. The Green Goblin is probably one of the few Mighty Micros minifigures that can more or less be changed into a regular minifigure, I was still not really pleased with the result.

However, I couldn’t help by find those two short minifigures with their silly vehicles quite cute. Then, I got another one (this one with Wolverine and Magneto), and another one, and another one. I currently have four, and I’m sure I may end up getting more.

I’m having ideas of scenes with all those characters as kids of the super heroes and villains we all know and love (or hate, or love to hate, or hate to love). We’ll see if it leads somewhere or not.


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