Making of


Today I started a new project that I really care about, and that I hope will turn out OK. It’s especially difficult because a lot of the pictures are supposed to be dark. And neither me, nor my camera are very good with taking dark pictures.

Let’s just hope they won’t be too blurry or have to much “noise”.

In the meantime a glimpse of things to come.


Making of


Can you guess what this is going to be about?


Update: Checked my pictures out. I took about 180. With the first “cut”, I narrowed them down to about 90 (basically the ones that are “usable”). Final cut should be about a dozen or so.

That’s only half the project. But the other half should be easier in terms of lighting, the difficult part is building the set, as it needs to look good, but also needs to be convenient for taking pictures.




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