Nanoblock Hina Dolls


Today is Hina Matsuri in Japan. A few weeks ago, after I expressed interest in Nanoblock (the Japanese answer to Lego), my wife bought me a Hina Dolls set, so that I can give it a try.

While I have been curious about them for a while, the reason why I never bought any before is they really do look a bit too “blocky.” However, I was happy to have this small set to test them.

Here are my impressions, but first things first, here is a scale comparison of a 1×1 Lego block with a 1×1 Nanoblock:


Lego  Nanoblock - scale comparison


And here are all the blocks ready to be assembled. I didn’t have the courage to sort them like I usually do with Lego:




And here is the completed set:


Naoblocks Hina Dolls


Mr. Cluck invited himself to give you a scale comparison with a Lego Minifigure:


Nanoblocks Hina Dolls - Lego Chicken Minifigure - 2


Nanoblocks Hina Dolls - Lego Chicken Minifigure - 1


I really do have mixed feelings about them. Yes, they’re interesting to build, although less fun than Lego. The construction technique solely revolves about stacking up blocks and nothing else. Also, instructions weren’t as clear as Lego instructions. Finally, the result is very fragile and quite blocky looking. This is definitely not something for children, as you can’t play with them (and they’re really really small) just put them on a desk or on a shelf (this last part is not a criticism, after all this is what I do with most of my Lego sets too, but I hope my daughter plays with them when she’s old enough).

All in all, I’m still tempted to get another set as the famous landmarks set have a certain cute factor, but I don’t think I’ll become a fan anytime soon. Now I don’t want to sound too harsh. It’s still a very new product, they first came out in 2008, and they still need to mature I guess.



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