Ohenro-san in Jinne-in and Kan’on-ji


Today, Ohenro-san brings you to Jinne-in and Kan’on-ji, the 68th and 69th temples of the Shikoku Pilgrimage that have the particularity to be located on the same grounds.

As you see, I redesigned our pilgrim’s look. He had no reason for a long white beard – he’s a pilgrim, not an old wise man in the mountain or something –  and the face without the beard wasn’t so great, so I gave him the most neutral (but content) face as possible. After all, anyone can be a Shikoku pilgrim.

However, I took only two pics (one in front in Jinne-in main building, and the other one in front of Kan’on-ji, and it doesn’t show much about the whole place). However, there isn’t that much to show, especially with a Lego minifigure as the centerpiece (we’re far from Yakuri-ji).





in Kan'on-ji



An instant, I toyed with having Professor Bond take the mantle of Ohenro-san, as he has traveled all over the world, and he must have walked the pilgrimage once or twice, but his stern facial expression didn’t really work for someone who’s supposed to be on the path to enlightenment. So I quickly dropped the idea. Here are what will probably the only two shots ever of Professor Bond as a Ohenro:



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