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Bigfoot and Yeti finally meet

    Thank you Lego for allowing the two distant cousins that Bigfoot and Yeti are to finally meet. And as a sign of goodwill, Yeti is even sharing his ice cream.    

Professor Bond on the Wooden Tile Planet

  Remember the “wooden tile planet” where stormtroopers looked for droids, but didn’t find anything? Well, turns out that Professor Bond was spotted there too:         What was he doing there? (I mean, beyond exploring) How did he get there? No one...

Meeting Kaonashi

    Meeting Kaonashi (who you may know under the name of No-Face) from Spirited Away.    

Owie Owl?

    “Is that you, Owie?” “Dude… Don’t you see it’s just a random owl?”      

Stormtroopers on a Wooden Tile Planet

  You know how in Star Wars, pretty much every planet has one and only one ecosystem? If it’s not very realistic, it has the advantage of making every planet instantly recognizable and well as instantly giving it characterization. Well, our stormtroopers just stumbled upon...