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Batman Vs Superman

    So, I just bought Batman (the armored version) and Superman on Bricklink, this way I can make my own Batman Vs Superman at home and I won’t have to go see the movie. I’ve been kinda curious about it, but seeing the awful...

John the Lego Janitor

    While he wasn’t always happy with cleaning other people’s mess, John the Lego Janitor still took a certain pride in his job.    

Who is this droid?

    Who is this droid? I have no idea… I probably do not recognize him because of the red arm…   (funny how I made a similar joke a few months ago)    

What has happened to Peppa Pig?

  Sure, those are not real Lego (they’re Duplo compatible, though), but this is how I’ve found Peppa Pig and George the other day:     So, sure, my daughter has just discovered that band-aid can have a bunch of secondary purposes, she’s even gotten...

The Force Awakens

The Force awakens… but is still sleepy…   (I’m on a roll, three posts in a week! Those new Star Wars The Force Awakens minifigures are inspiring me!)    

Chewie, we’re home

    What Han Solo means by that, is that they’re in my home… 🙂 I really can’t include the new Millenium Falcon in my budget right now (I’ll have to wait for the Episode VIII version), but I’m not sure there will be another...

Passing of the Torch

    With the new Star Wars movie (which I loved as much as the original trilogy) and minifigures coming with it, you can expect more and more Force Awakens things around here. But don’t worry, old school Lego Stormtroopers are not completely retiring, and...