Picking the Right Lego Minifigure


I’m getting good at this…


I love the Lego Minifigures series, but probably just like you, I don’t love all of them. In every series there are at least a few that I don’t care about. Series 12 is no different. Actually as I haven’t seen the Lego Movie yet (it won’t be released for another few weeks here in Japan), there aren’t that many that I’m interested in actually. That may change once I have seen the movie though.

However, there are a few, two actually, that I was very interested in, ready to pay a few extra bucks on ebay to get them if I couldn’t find them in the store. Namely Abraham Lincoln and William Shakespeare.

And of course this is the trick with products that are sold in blind bags. You’re never sure what you’re going to get. Still, you’re not going completely blind with Lego Minifigures, you still can feel the bag and try to guess what’s inside. I must admit I’m getting good at it.

The other day, I went to the store and I bought four Series 12 minifigures. Here they are:


Lego Minifigures Series 12


I could have done worse…

Actually, I owe my luck to the Brick Blogger and his guide to feeling minifigures in their bag. I did spend a good 10 minutes, maybe more, feeling a large number of bags before settling for those four. Once I found him, Abraham Lincoln was extremely easy to recognize. The long top hat leaves little to no room for mistake. Same thing goes for Taco Tuesday Guy, his sombrero is an instant giveaway. Originally, I hadn’t planned on getting him, but once I found him, I decided to keep him as he looked fun.

The hardest one to find was William Shakespeare. First, I believe that he’s not as common as the other ones, but also the two elements that allow to find him, namely the bald head and the 2×2 tile are not easy to “feel”. The site that I mentioned a few lines ago, also mentions the ruff, but I had no luck with it. Actually, I didn’t intend to get the Scribble Face Bad Cop. Apparently, he’s a pretty popular minifigure right now (I see him on many Lego sites, blogs, Tumblrs and other Instagram accounts), and I assume that’s because he’s a pretty popular character in the movie, but as I haven’t seen the movie yet, I don’t care either way (yet?). So I got him because at first, I confused his helmet with Shakespeare balding skull. Later on (when I found the actual Shakespeare) I realized that he was someone else, wasn’t sure who, but I still got him as a “surprise minifigure”.

All, in all, I’m pretty happy with my choices, and my collection of historical figures and fun characters got some nice new additions.


Minifigures - Bad Cop - Shakespeare - Tacos Guy - Abraham Lincoln



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