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A few days ago, I mentioned Lego minifigures of historical figures. There also are another bunch of famous people who get their own minifigures, that is actors, since about 15 years ago, Lego had the genius idea to start creating licenced products (not sure if the company would still be really relevant today if they hadn’t, and I sure wouldn’t care much about it).

And among all the actors who have been “minifigurized”, some have the privilege to have not one, but two of their likeness as a minifigure.

The first two who come to mind (because I have their minifigures) are:


Sir Ian McKellen

Gandalf - Magneto - Lego

as Gandalf and Magneto (although to be completely honest, I believe that the Marvel licence is the one of the comic books, not the movies (as there is no one licence for the movies but a few), but still…


Harrison Ford

Indiana Jones - Han Solo - Lego

Indiana Jones and Han Solo


A few more actors share that chance, but I don’t have pictures as I usually don’t own at least one of the minifigures:

  • Orlando Bloom: Legolas and Will Turner (from Pirates of the Caribbean).
  • Johnny Depp: Jack Sparrow and Tonto (from Lone Ranger).
  • Christopher Lee: Saruman and Count Dooku.
  • Samuel L. Jackson: Nick Fury and Mace Windu.
  • Gary Oldman: Sirius Black and Commissioner Gordon.
  • Kenny Baker: R2-D2 and Paploo (ewok)


Now, I may be forgetting a few minor ones, but there are also two actors that have more than two minifigures made from their roles:

  • Alfred Molina: Doctor Octopus, Satipo (Raiders of the Lost Ark), Sheik Amar (Prince of Persia)
  • and Warwick Davis holds the current record with four characters: two from Star Wars (Wicket and Wald) and two from Harry Potter (Professor Flitwick and Griphook)



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4 Responses

  1. Zane says:

    Liam Neason was bad cop in the lego movie and a Jedi in episode 1. Chris Pratt is also pulling double mini fig duty as star lord in guardians of the galaxy and emmet in the lego movie. The guy who plays gimli was also in raiders of the lost ark and I think there is a minifig of him in that role as we’ll.

    • David Billa says:

      Hi Zane and thanks for your comment.
      I decided not to include actors who just voice a character, hence no Liam Neeson nor Chris Pratt (is the Guardians of the Galaxy line out yet?)

      John Ryes Davis’s (“the guy who plays Gimli”) character in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Sallah, actually hasn’t been made as a minifigure. However, if you include voice acting, he has voiced Treebeard in Lord of the Rings (I know the ent in the Orthanc set hasn’t been named, but it looks a lot like Treebeard).

  2. Zane says:

    Thought of a couple more (I like Legos if you couldn’t already tell): Ryan Reynolds has 2 mini figures, dead pool and green lantern. Benedict Cumberbatch has Smaug (which isn’t out yet, and not technically a minifigure) and the necromancer from the hobbit.

    Bonus future addition: The guy who plays the witch king and the leader of the Uruk Kai (Lurtz?) in Lotr will join this list as well when the next wave lord of the rings sets come out later this year.

    Great article, just wanted to help.

    • David Billa says:

      Concerning Ryan Reynolds… I wasn’t too sure if I should include Ian McKellen and Samuel L. Jackson in the list as the Marvel characters made into Lego, are the ones from the comics, not from the movie, but it’d pain me to include Ryan Reynolds, nothing against him, but the Deadpool in the Wolverine Origins movie is an embarrassment and I can’t consider him as the real Deadpool.

      The guy who plays Lurtz’s name is Lawrence Makoare, but:
      1. The Lurtz minifigure already exists in the Orc Forge set (as a newborn).
      2. The Nazgul in the Attack on Weathertop set may or may not be the Witch King (in any case, I don’t think Lawrence Makoare played him then, only in Return of the King). If the Witch-King is included in future sets, I’ll edit the list.

      Also, I’ve been hesitant about including actors whose faces are hidden under tons of make-up, but as I did with Warwick Davis and Kenny Baker, I guess I need to do it with everyone else.

      In any case, thanks for the feedback.

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