Of course, it had to happen.

I have decided to make a Lego minifigure of myself, as well as of my wife. Well, I have had that in mind for a little while, but I didn’t really have any parts to start with. Thanks to the Minifigures Series 12, now I do. The Video Game Guy is a good starting base for making myself (well, at least the clothes), and the Spooky Girl a good start for my wife (no, she’s not goth, but she pretty much has the same hair, and her usual clothing is not that different, just less goth).


David and Tsuki minifigure - version 1


Now, I just need to find various parts to make us more accurate looking: different top for my wife, different hair for me, different faces too, those big smiles are nice when posing for a picture, but not if I want to make scenes or small cartoons with them.

The good thing is that I recently found out about this amazing site: the bricklink, which allows you to buy pretty much any brick or part that exist – also, full minifigures are much cheaper than on ebay.

So, stay tuned to see the evolution of David and Tsuki as minifigures.



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