Star Wars Polybag TC-4


While the new Lego Star Wars sets have been available pretty much all over the world for more than a month now, they were released only last week-end in Japan!

But it was worth the wait, as in my local Toys R’ Us (and I assume all over the country), if you bought more than 2,000 yen (€15 or $17) of Lego Star Wars, you’ll get a free Star Wars polybag with the TC-4 protocol droid inside. Nice.


Lego Star Wars TC-4 Polybag - 1


It came with a Star Wars Rebels plastic folder and some flyers inside promoting it. I assume that the show is coming to Japan these days.


Lego Star Wars TC-4 Polybag - 2


I really like it. Possibly more than the C-3PO minifigure.


On a side note, there really were a bunch of new Star Wars toys (not just Lego). I didn’t assume that Japanese kids even knew of Star Wars that much. However, most of these toys are high quality and quite pricey, I think they may be aimed at the dads instead. In any case, they are paving the way for this coming Fall and Episode VII.



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