The Red Droid We Are Looking For?


Sandtrooper Sergeant says "Sir, over there, look! It's one of the droids we're looking for, isn't it?" Squad leader replies "Sure looks like it"


Sandtrooper squad leader says: "Let's apprehend that rebel scum!"


Sandtroopers walk towards droid


Sandtrooper squad leader says: "Hey you! The protocol droid over there! Freeze! I said, Freeze!"


Red protocol droid says "I'm doomed"


Sandtrooper squad leader says: "Shos your identif..." Sergeant says: "Uh, sir?"


Sandtrooper sergeant says: "Isn't the protocol droid we're looking for supposed to be gold and not red?"


Sandtrooper squad leader says: "Uh... Damn! You're right!"


Sandtrooper squad leader says "So... Uh... It means that this is not the droid we're looking for, right?" Sergeant says: "Yes sir! I'm afraid that's what it means..."


Sandtroopers squad leader says "Move along droid! I said, move along!"


Sandtrooper squad leader doesn't know what to say and feels stupid.


Red C-3PO says "Artoo! Your ridiculous paint job idea almost had me deactivated! You can be proud of yourself, you nearsighted scrap pile!"




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