Troll Slayer and Elf Warrior


Nothing too special about this post.

Just posting this here to share with my role playing gamer friends who may not be into Lego but who may be interested in the fact that those two minifigures are currently available.

We’ve had dwarves and elves before, but those really scream role playing game and nothing else.


Lego Troll Slayer and Elf Warrior


If you want to know how to get them, it’s pretty easy. They’re part of the current “Collectible Minifigures” series. And the series number is 17. Of course they’re blind bags, and of course you don’t want to get random ones as your chances to find those two will be pretty slim.

The trick is to feel the bags. Gently, grab a bag in between your fingers and start feeling through the package until you can isolate key elements.

The elf warrior is very easy to find. Her dress is a trapezoidal Lego piece. It’s rather large and it’s the only one in this series. You can find it in seconds if your lucky.

The troll slayer maybe a little trickier if you’re not used to this. However, it’s not that difficult because it contains many small elements. Tiny elements are sometimes easier to recognize than large ones. So first, make sure your bag doesn’t contain any large element (be careful, every single bag contains a large rectangle on which you can put the minifigures, they can sometimes make the whole thing more difficult), and then look for the smaller ones. I find the mohawk to be the easiest to find, but the beard (it’s a circle with “hair” only on one side) and the hammer too can be helpful. Also, the dwarf has short legs. Short Lego legs can’t “sit” so when you find legs in the bag, see if you can move them or not. Know that there are three figures with short legs in this series, but the two other ones also contain large parts.

I hope this helps.


One final word about the whole “feeling the bags” thing. Some stores don’t care at all, some won’t let you do it, and I’ve heard of some stores – I guess their employees are Lego fans – where they’ll help you find what you’re looking for (I have yet to find such a store). I’m sure it varies from country to country, but in Japan, stores that don’t want you to feel the bags keep them by the cash register, stores who don’t care, have them in the Lego aisle. However, I was once in a store that had them by the register, and I asked and they let me do it. I assume most understand that if they don’t let me do it, I won’t buy a random one, I will just go shop elsewhere.


If you too have friends you think may be interested, do not hesitate to share this with them.


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